Happy New Year 2017!

It’s great to begin a new year by watching my favourite ballet.

And yes, I decided to create a new youtube channel and have begun reuploading ballet videos. Hope you guys can enjoy watching them.

If you are interested in ballet, you can join this group and we can discuss more there.

Finally, I wish you a very happy and warm new year, full of joy, happiness and success.


Awesome post from A Ballet Education

A Ballet Education

Apparently, once again I have to go in depth to defend my blog… and truthfully… At this point I don’t really care, with the exception of  recent negative comments and emails from other ballet bloggers and ballet teachers… Let’s talk about the basics of ballet and not the fact that other blogs rarely quote their sources, link the photos to the actual photographers so their readers can, at the least, have access to the photographer, and be bland… *shade* Blogs aren’t newspapers or literary journals… They are opinions… and if you don’t have anything nice to say… Just don’t say anything at all… Or post it on your blog… Seriously… *side eye* Another plus side… is my ability to doodle… so now I can just doodle everything I am talking about.


The basic principal of ballet technique isturnout. (click here to read post on turnout

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Recently, I have more free time to enjoy the life since I’m on holiday to celebrate Lunar new year. It means I have time for ballet. Besides practice as usual, I created a new channel and uploaded some old ballets on youtube. Of course the best way to support artists and dancers is to buy DVD or Bluray. Though, many videos are hard to find because they are not released in DVD or Bluray yet. You know, I just want to share what I have with everyone.

I’m very glad that seems many people enjoy my channel and love it. After all, I will keep uploading more as well as be more careful because I don’t want to receive copyright notices and make my account blocked.


This is my channel. Hope you guys love it. Have fun.

Now it has 2 playlists and I’m going to create more playlists in future.

Full length Ballets

Grand Ballet Season 2 

(a popular ballet TV show in Russia)


Keep dancing until the next time! See ya later.

Weekend time

At this weekend, I want to spend my time to watch (again) “Agony and Ecstasy: A Year With English National Ballet“. It is a wonderful three-part documentary which focuses on ENB in 2010 with many rehearsals and performances of three famous ballets (including Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, Nutcracker). This documentary introduced Vadim Muntagirov, a new rising star (now a Royal Ballet principal dancer) and Daria Klimentová, an old brilliant star (now retired). Their awesome chemistry on stage had been compared to Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. You can see more while watching the documentary. 

Episode 2 is all about the men of ENB. Two main persons who this episode focused on are Max Westwell and Daniel Jones. Max was given a first big opportunity with the famous role Romeo while Daniel was struggle to prove his value existence in company. Until today, the bitter words Daniel said are still remain in my mind. “At the age of 36, people think you’re a complete loser”… How sad!

Daniel and Max 2011

Episode 3 is about the creation process of Wayne Eagling’s Nutcracker. Actually, I don’t like the ways Mr. Eagling worked with the company. He’s so dramatic and “perfectionism”, sometimes selfish. It made whole ENB company fall into stress. But after all, the result was good, some newspapers called his Nutcracker a “marvellous production”, so I took it easy. *laugh*

The online links for you if you haven’t watched it yet:

Besides the documentary above, if someone wants to watch some good ballets, you can read this new post from HDVDARTS and decide what to watch at this weekend – Best Ballet Dance Blu-rays.

Thank you again for reading my endless random posts. *laugh hard*

Keep dancing until the next time! Bye!

Random post

I’m writing this just to share some clips I have watched recently.

  • Chopiniana 7th Waltz was performed by Uliana Lopatkina and Andrey Ermakov at Yale University. I always admire the way Ermakov dances. His height and visual fit the prince image so much. And of course, Lopatkina was surreal as usual. 


  • The Great Gatsby Ballet. I’m madly in love with the choreography and music. Hope I can watch it full someday.


  • Rudolf Nureyev – Dance to Freedom. Moving, interesting, and wow… Artem Ovcharenko can act. He is amazing in the role of Rudolf.


  • Some updates from me: I still practise, almost self-taught, but I will try to find a real adult class at the beginning of 2016. My target is to pass the Ballet School entrance exam in next 1-2 years. That is the only way for me to learn ballet properly from basic to advanced. Hope I will finish it soon.

Pas de deux…

To you, what is a great pas de deux?

In my opinion, it looks like this.

This is a beautiful pas de duex from Elvira Tarasova and Maxim Zyuzin. As you can see, they have such a great partnership, and the moves are perfectly blended.

I planned spending my lazy weekend just watching as many pas de deux as I can. Now I confirm that it’s worth it. It helped to put me in a great mood. Words cannot describe how much I love pas de deux.

Nice subject to think about

I’ve already read this post from loveballet89. It is a nice subject to discuss.


In my opinion, we can try different ways to let boys know ballet is really cool. Many famous male dancers started dancing because they were impressed by ballet. They had a chance to watch a ballet when they were young boys. So if we can organize performances just for the school kids, it might work. Just thinking about it…

Thank you for everything, Giorgi!

Today I visited Balletoman on facebook as usual and saw the message about Giorgi’s accident. You know, I was very shocked that he passed away. I always feel close to him from the beginning, not just because we’re friends on facebook or share the same age but also I admire his passion for ballet. Giorgi is a gifted dancer with so much talent. His website has made me happy and encouraged me when I was down. I’m glad that I have the honor to know him in my life.

Some months then a few years will pass, maybe his website will no longer exist, but the moments will never fade in my memory… Yes, you live in my memory, Giorgi. I’m certain that you still dance in heaven. Rest in peace.